Sylvia Johnson

Director/Producer, Photo Teacher

Sylvia is a filmmaker, photographer, and creative activist. She was born in Bolivia and lived in various different countries throughout Latin America before moving to the US at the age of 12. Salvador is one of her many homes, and in 2005 she received a Fulbright grant to make her first film and teach photography to youth in Salvador. The film, Alagados, was nominated for an award at the International Documentary Association and has screened at festivals across the US and Brazil. In 2008, Sylvia expanded the project and founded The Alagados Project to support a college scholarship fund for youth from the community of Alagados.

Joselito Crispim

Co-Producer, Founder: Grupo Cultural Bagunçaço

A native of the community of Alagados, Joselito is the visionary founder of Grupo Cultural Bagunçaço, a grassroots alternative art-education NGO for at-risk youth in Salvador, Brazil. Previously he helped co-direct and co-produce two short films, Ilha do Rato, and 29 Polegadas with BA do Brasil.

Ubiratan Assis

Music Director, Educator

One of the founding members of Bagunçaço, Bira is an active musician and has performed in England, France, Italy, Belgium, and Sweden as well as through out Brazil. He teaches music to disabled youth at APAE in Salvador and is pursuing a degree in music. He organized and produced the musical soundtrack for the film.

Dr. Kassira Bomfim

Advisor, Community Lawyer

Kassira is a lawyer who has done significant pro-bono work with the community of Alagados over the years. She wrote her doctoral thesis on juvenile crime and is committed to educating youth from periphery neighborhoods about citizenship. She was an invaluable advisor on issues of juvenile crime and poverty for this project.